Property Management with Umbrella

In the quest for a very coordinated and well-sorted lifestyle, you demand cooperation from a number of individuals, right? An assistant to sort your work, a butler to assist at home, coaches to develop certain skill sets, and lawyers or attorneys to handle your legal negotiations. Ultimately all of this makes everything flow in sync but what about your precious property? Does anyone, manage that specifically?

If the answer is no and you’re still wondering about the whole idea; well you’ve stumbled across the right place. This is your sign to impose stress on the supervision and functionality of your real estate. Property management is a newly introduced idea in the aspect of real estate in Bangladesh. The whole idea is to control, maintain, and oversight of real estate and physical property (residential, commercial, and land real estate) in a more professionally well-sought way. Management indicates the need for real estate to
be cared for and monitored, with accountability for and attention to its useful life and condition considered. This is much akin to the role of management in any business.

Property management also involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property as defined above including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization, and disposition. Now, If you’ve come so far into this article, first of all, thank you. Let’s Introduce you to The Umbrella, an all-in-one property solution services company, which means if you’re intrigued by the idea of getting professional property help you got the name. If you’re an owner of a single-family home, commercial space, rental property, or multi-family building you may engage the management services of The Umbrella.

The company will then advertise the rental property, handle tenant inquiries, screen applicants, select suitable candidates, draw up a lease agreement, conduct a move-in inspection, move the tenants into the property, and collect rental income. Simply they make sure your property is fairly treated and you get benefitted from it. Now that we are talking about The Umbrella management, it surely is not limited to just property management services, it has a wide range of services including rental, consultancy, and property trading services.

Services of Management

Umbrellalisting a brand of The Umbrella Management Ltd. is the only company in Bangladesh that brought this versatile service to the market of real estate. Umbrellalisting caters to the needs of those seeking property management services, real estate consultancy, property acquisition, office solutions, real estate credit profiling, and legal support, with a promise to make property search for buyers or sellers, project renting & buying easier than ever. Umbrellalisting offers the easiest platform that enables anyone to buy, rent or sell properties in the country.

Consultancy, get real estate expert’s view: In any case, all of us find it easier to tick boxes when pieces of advice are given on the respective topic. It certainly makes a big difference when someone takes the responsibility to cancel out the doubts. In the case of real estate consultancy, Umbrella provides the most efficient advice and tailors innovative solutions, keeping in line with the client’s preferences, the type of property, and the proposed transaction so that the best possible outcome is achieved. Manage, a pro in charge of your property: Managing a bucket list of heavy-duty tasks at a consistent pace drains out a lot from the person doing it. Even if someone manages to juggle up the patience for it, the experience will always be a silent leader. In the case of property management, the bar is higher. Umbrella is in charge of all aspects, whether a property is up for sale or rent or a client simply is interested to buy a residential or commercial property.

Through promoting and advertising the property tenants are attracted, inquiries are done, and potential tenants are screened finally selecting suitable candidates for the other end of the transaction. If required appropriate agreements are drawn up, and inspections are carried out. Umbrella also handles check-in
processes of tenants collecting and disbursing rent, etc. All in all, it carries out overall maintenance of the property providing the property owner with financial statements and any relevant information.  Acquisition, trade property legitimately: How awesome it is when we can just tell someone all the qualities of a specific product you want and they get just the thing for you. Now, when you’re buying a property it’s not exactly possible to acquire a picture-picture similar to one. Umbrella studies a client’s requirements and preferences, believe it when it’s said Umbrellalisting has your property, one that you
would have everything you want and imagine. It aids in selecting the most compatible properties according to their client’s needs no matter how specific it is. They make assessments on potential properties; negotiate on the client’s behalf to yield maximized utility. Workplace, sorted and conserved: A business startup or expanding a new business, all calls for a new suitable office which can be a very hectic find.

Umbrellalisting is your platform for getting keys to your new workplace with little to no extra pressure. Umbrella provides full service in setting up and managing offices that includes acquiring the most fitting property according to the client’s requirements; and setting up all fixtures, furnishings, and appliances required to run the specific office including interior work. Umbrellalisting also provides post-setup services which enable the property to maintain its integrity and conditions, fit for working purposes.

Real Estate Credit, authentic and Complete Profiling: When it comes to the critical topic of financial organizing Umbrella has it taken care of. A uniquely organized team of specialists serves in this sector of real estate finance, advising borrowers, lenders, lead managers, and issuers on residential and commercial real estate- financings entirely. Exclusive but essential assistance regarding loans, mortgages, leases, and credit profiling are also at your disposal. Legal Support ensured statutory team of experts: The Umbrella
Management consists of erudite lawyers specialized in property and commercial laws.

Clients are advised on all aspects of a property transaction by the lawyers, Such as carrying out property due perseverance, documentation, enlistment, giving a conclusion on possession and ownership, guaranteeing compliance – anything important to the ultimate exchange. The clients are also taken care of regarding other commercial matters as and when required, by The Umbrella Management legal team.
When to turn to Management service Given the circumstances of being a property owner, you can tune in for the services of Umbrella’s Management when your property needs a regular inspection done or when you seek professional systematic conduction as like –

  • Promoting and advertising your property in order to draw potential tenants;
  • Providing you, the property owner with financial statements when any such activity takes place;
  • Screening and selecting suitable tenants for renting out your estate;
  • Drawing up appropriate agreements including lease agreements ensuring that it’s being followed;
  • Property inspection & reporting in order to maintain the entirety of the functioning property to stay consistent ;
  • Making payments (mortgage, utility bills, etc.) on your behalf of you if you somehow lack the
  • condition handling check-in & check-out processes of your tenants,
  • Collecting and disbursing rent according to the expenditure of the property.
  • Pursuing late payments and enforcing late fees to maintain the consistency of the timeline leaving no scope for hoaxes or scams.

And if you’re a tenant who rented out a property through Umbrellalisting you can tune in for
the services of Umbrella’s Management to deal with the landowner on behalf of you or-

  • Handling inquiries regarding the property in order to make sure you get a great experience throughout;
  • Keeping the property owner updated with all relevant information regarding the property in order to slim the chances of your concern.
  • Rent negotiation, ensuring achievable results so that you don’t have to let go of your preferred place easily;
  • Carrying out eviction processes for you so that you don’t have to waste a handful of resources or time doing so.
  • Carrying out overall property maintenance, repairs, remodeling, just so you don’t fall into any situation of dilemma.

Areas Umbrella Cover

At present, Umbrellalisting possesses many luxurious projects which are residential, commercial, or farmhouses all over Dhaka city or across the whole country. It purveys exquisite property listings well-curated in every aspect, it brands commercial spaces, rental apartments, and ready-made properties. Those properties that are up for rent are sumptuous and eye-catching most importantly authentic. From a high-power backup facility to a state-of-the-art fire safety arrangement, these properties include every
single modern functionality and facility.

Umbrella provides you with a number of chances to visit the property physically in order to make sure what you’re getting is not just a picture on the website. It is the platform that serves the elitist class of clients, to keep the game up and the bar rising it gets better and better. The location of such a real estate listing is in the heart of Dhaka.

Exorbitant areas like-

  • Gulshan
  • Banani
  • Dhanmondi
  • Baridhara
  • Bashundhara
  • Uttara &
  • Gazipur.

With a proficient inventory list, the Umbrella management team will provide you with the appropriate real estate solution which meets all your interests based on your area of choice!

Our Clients

In the perspective of Real estate and property trading firms, every client is given equal importance no matter what their needs are. For Umbrella clients are family, respected intensively, and humbly cared for. Such character of conduct brought about more than 200 clients to choose the real estate company; steadily expanding the yellow family of Umbrella.

Umbrellalisting’s client list revolves around respectable records of clients and individuals like Ambassadors, embassy staff, NGO high officials, expatriates, foreigners or other Nationals working in Bangladesh in different organizations like the world Bank, Red Cross, different garment-buying houses, large multinationals operating in Bangladesh, chief or high officials of local and international companies, large corporations, new or established companies.

Looking closer to Umbrella’s portfolio of clients previously served; Umbrella’s values are reflected by some of the significant corporate clients, including the UAE Embassy, Fuwang Ceramics, ICDDRB, Kalyar Replica, SQ Group, and HSBC Bank Bangladesh.

Policy of Engagement

You’ll seemingly skim through and be over with it. It’s simple and compact but if put in a nutshell, the process is to obtain a property’s responsibility legally with the consent of the owner and then bring in tenants hereby making sure nothing falls short while their contract as a tenant
is intact. Still making sure nothing is missed, let’s elaborate –
● By first sourcing clients through different channels such as digital marketing, master database, 3rd party agent/organization tie-up, etc. Umbrellalisting’s relationship manager arranges a physical visit of the property for the client through proper agreement if that client shows enough interest in the offered proposition.
●Once finalizing the agreement with the property owner or organization, Umbrella Management starts its process of advertising the real estate, commercial building, store, or
● At this point, clients are sourced through Umbrellalisting’s online database and social media who inquire about rentable property matching their preferences. Followed by a collection of potential tenants and screening is done concerning the owner of the property set.
● Once the property is rented/leased out, ultimately getting over with the necessary formalities with the chosen tenant the respected relationship manager will hand the financial issue file over to the account/administration section for evaluating & collecting security deposits, monthly rentals, monitoring/managing property, and collecting client feedback.
● The property manager/relationship manager will follow -up with the tenant frequently to show gratitude for service by The Umbrella Management Ltd.
● Finally, the property is handed over. The handover stage constitutes obtaining payment, providing the paperwork and keys, delivering the fee to the owners as per the previous agreement, and collecting their commission.

Client’s benefit

Zero Waste! Of what? Of time, resources, paper, and of course your patience. To explain the zero waste, Umbrella Management has a 20 days transition schedule to get to know the tenants and properties that ensure a wisely cut-out time period for each step leading to the deal. Because the transaction is sorted in pieces one after another irregularity is completely crossed out we all agree that punctuality is the core component necessary in a heavily occupied schedule.

Little to no paperwork is included from start to end because they steer to the key components and main content of the legal proceeding. Umbrellalisting has an eye for functionality valuing best grade and splendor directing you to perceive it serves the same. The website holds your style of choice and responds to inquiries actively, guiding you through and providing you with virtual experiences of visiting your preferred real estate or holding. And when you’re thinking things can’t get any better Umbrellalisting also processes your customizable requests because Umbrella Management is a skilled curator of real estate.

Now, to mark things out for your ease here are to your benefits1. Umbrellalisting provides hassle-restructured and seamless services with no record of distress or customer dissatisfaction.
2. Umbrellalisting clients get consultancy sessions directed by experienced consultants and
management experts.
3. Umbrellalisting offers satisfactory prepositions that are tailored to absolute perfection
starting from the property standard to the agreement proceeding.
4. Umbrellalisting has its own database system that stores every detail of information on its
previous in so that upcoming deals can glide as smooth as butter.
5. Umbrellalisting has a resourceful set of collaborators who serve elite choices of real
estate assets in the market of Bangladesh.
6. Umbrellalisting’s credit profiling and legal support services are thoroughly validated and
conducted by a patriciate set of lawyers and experts leaving no crack on the base.

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